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LEONUS Banking digital

& Advisory

Omnichannel banking & advisory platform that is secure, robust, scalable and cost-effective

A complete digital banking solution

With an integrated Financial Advisory platform

LEONUS is a comprehensive digital banking solution which brings banking to your fingertips. Using LEONUS Digital we ensure delivering all banking functionalities to direct channels of your choice. With an integrated LEONUS Financial Advisory platform we deliver a state-of-the-art software solution for efficient advisory processes in all financial sectors.

LEONUS Digital

LEONUS Banking

LEONUS Advisory

LEONUS Digital

LEONUS Banking digital is tailored to meet your specific needs

The generation of today wants to express themselves, want to have control over their money, and want to choose where and when to bank. Modern retail banking customers expect convenient, easy to use, and personalized service with a high level of security and digital acceleration. Our solution is based on the premise of a legacy deprived approach, enabling custom-tailored service for each client, while embracing the power of the blockchain and AI.

LEONUS Advisory

The future proof advisory tool to save time and earn more

LEONUS Advisory helps your clients connect all accounts and understand their financial situation. This add on will help clients take control over their finances and manage all their assets in one place. Communication center enables 24/7 connection between client and advisor and makes financial decision-making simpler, faster and more intuitive. Revolutionary 3-VD System helps clients managing money in a friendly and easy way, while advisors have a complete overview of the financial life of their clients.

Customer onboarding Automated KYC

Internal Financial management

Account management

Private banking


Full AML support

PFM - Personal finance manager

Bill payment (OCR payment slips)

Card management

Core banking features all functionalities of classical core banking from accounts, deposits, and loans to the general ledger and regulatory reporting but delivered within new framework enabling easy integration with 3rd party products and banking channels.

Being ready to deliver any of LEONUS components in different environments, we developed a layer of integration services interconnecting components of our solution but also closing the gaps in functionalities of 3rd party solutions where LEONUS is part of a wider ecosystem.

Immutability, irreversibility, and integrity of data are the main sources of trust in digital banking. That is why we chose blockchain technology to vouch for these features in the essence of core banking: Customer Onboarding and General Ledger. Every transaction written in the system remains on the private blockchain, making it indisputable but yet secure, auditable and private.

Leonus Mobile App

Anytime, anywhere, on every device.

Powered by:
iOS Native (Swift)
Android Native (Java)
Tech stack:
Middleware: Java spring
Architectural style: Microservices
Messaging: MQ
DB: PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL
WEB front (Admin): Angular 8