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LEONUS is recognized for Best use of Blockchain by the first-ever Finovate Award

About us

LEONUS is a banking & advisory digital solution powered by blockchain, aimed to provide both traditional and challenger financial organizations and payment providers with an easy turnkey solution for entering the digital banking world or advisory while utilizing advantages of innovative technology in the very essence of the system.

Become a bank or advisor of the future in a few months

Simple. Cost Effective. Minimum time-to-market.

LEONUS is changing the shape of the financial landscape, being equipped with an innovative vision, disruptive technological ideas, and many years of valuable fintech expertise.

Why banking digital and not digital banking only?

Banking digital

Core. Middleware. Channels. Blockchain

In our view, Banking digital delivers fully digital experience to all clients of the bank which deploy LEONUS. Any banking product developed within a core becomes immediately available on all channels using integration endpoints of middleware. The customer journey starts with digital onboarding which within mobile application transfers user’s physical identity to a digital one, enabling getting any of banking products without visiting branch offices. For advanced users, LEONUS advisory delivers an experience of digital personal banking within reach of your fingertips.

Digital Banking

Middleware. Mobile Platform.

Digital banking solutions often deliver mobile applications with possibly some integration services to an existing environment, trying to enable clients to conduct a set of banking transactions on the mobile channel. However, the shortcomings of legacy systems often preclude the possibility to deliver fully digital experience and mobile banking becomes just another banking functionalities delivery channel.


International partner ecosystem

Our partners are an integral part of our approach to delivering strategic business value to customers across the globe. We work together with world-class technology, and service partners to achieve our goals. Do you want to be part of our digital transformation?

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